2: Finding Out the Hard Way

For the past week, my sister’s friend went on a cruise and needed someone to look after her two cats, so they were at our place. I was pretty excited since I like cats quite a bit.

I found them a bit endearing when they would brush up against my leg as I walked by them, when they would sleep on my bed, and especially when they would follow me around when I left the room. Purring of course, was also quite sweet.

Although I wasn’t keen about them constantly borderline tripping me, jumping on every desk and table, knocking over stuff, drinking the water from my cups, and when they would sleep on my pillow…

However, the worst experience of this week had to be me coming to terms with the fact that I’m probably mildly allergic to cats. This whole week, I’ve been sniffly, my eyes are irritated, and I’m feeling much more tired. I leave the house and all the problems disappear. I would be more worried if this wasn’t a cat allergy.

Regardless of the cat allergy, I’ll probably miss Brownie the male tabby, and Allie the female calico(?). It was nice to be home with them for the most part, and they’re pretty damn cute.

At least I got some photos of them that I’m fairly satisfied with.


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